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The Chocolate Factory
Back in 2015, we started our journey into making chocolate at our small site in Suffolk, using a coffee roaster and a household wet grinder. Heartened by the initial results, we later launched our chocolate range in three of our retail outlets in 2016.
To ensure continual improvement and innovation, we plan each year ahead accordingly. Our aim from the beginning and continues to be about bringing quality chocolate back to the consumer and to make it special - how chocolate should be - not be a product driven by accountant-led confectionery giants.
Most of the world’s ‘chocolate’ is loaded with sugar – flip over the next bar you see and check. At Harris & James, we do this a little different. Hence, our mantra for making chocolate has always been and always will be ‘More Quality Cacao, Less Sugar’. High quality cacao will always be our main ingredient, even in milk and white chocolate. At Harris & James,  this will never be compromised.


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